Hometown Holiday (2018)

Krista has just moved back to her hometown, after living in New York as a Broadway actress who realizes that she doesn’t like life in a big city and wants to reconnect with her sister. Her sister, Ashley, suggests that they kick up their boots and a local wedding as a welcome back to Rust Falls. Ryan, a handsome entertainment lawyer, is also at the wedding trying to gain a new client, Wes Gently, a local rancher whose son posted a video of his dad singing that went viral. Trying to fit in with his potential client, Ryan is dressed much less causal than usual, so when Krista mistakes him for a rancher, he doesn’t correct her. The two hit it off and with Ryan’s frequent visits to Rust Falls, trying to land a new client as well as visiting his family, the two ends up falling for each other over. They both are holding on to things from their past and have to make some hard decisions before they can truly be together.

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